Long Day

Anyone else suffer from Insomnia?

Kayla DeLeonSpooner, Wisconsin
    I do sometimes - this month also. Alot of work...
    Do you have your secret how to handle with it?
    Kayla DeLeon
    I really don't. I go to sleep fine but if I am woken up I can never go back to sleep. I slept from 10-1:30 and sadly have been up since.
      Stephanie Mitchell
      I have been suffering with insomnia since I was pregnant with my youngest who is now 17mos, I have also been diagnosed with anxiety and depression since 2009. the anxiety is the culprit for insomnia for me, stress, cant shut the thoughts off in my head, Meditation does help! there are apps you can dl from play store onto your phone, or tranquilizing music to relax your mind, Everyone is different when it comes to calming down, some need silence (like me) others need a fan to sleep at night (my DH uhgg) try some different things out and see what works for you. Also set yourself a bedtime every night to get your body into a schedule. hope this helps I know insomnia is annoying and frustrating. GL
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