2 girls

My two oldest girls share a room

Pros: They get more quality time together, they learn how to work together when cleaning their room, they play together, the little whispers you hear when they are suppose to be sleeping.

Cons: They fight a lot while learning to work together, when they are fighting you cannot send them to their room because well they share a room and the little whispers you hear when they are suppose to be sleeping lol

Kayla DeLeonSpooner, Wisconsin
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    my two girls share a room they are 1yr and 2yrs old but when we moved we came each girl there own room and that was a disaster neither one want to sleep at night and when we finally moved them back into the same room they now sleep great .. they fight over toys and what not sometimes but i think all siblings fight no matter what ..best part of them sharing a room is the great bonding time they get and i love it in the evenings when they are supposed to be sleeping and u hear laughter ... :)
      Jennifer MomSpotted
      My kids are spaced out- 1,7,13 so we feel its best they all have their own space.
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