In Our Home we Have Two Cat's and One Large Dog ... When the Girls were Born My Older cat CowBella who is no longer with us she passed away ..but Cowbella used to sleep in my oldest daugthers crib i always kept an eye on her but she always slept on the end where her feet where never once by her Face ... Cowbella was doing her Duty by Carefully guarding our newest family member .... even when miley was awake cow was never to far away i do not believe cats actually lay by the faces on purpose and normally may only happen with younger cats like a kitten... none of our cats have ever showed aggression tor-ward our girls .. our two newest Boys Theo and Bear who are 9 months old .. do wonderful they r so laid back my girls can get rough and neither boy has tired to bite or scratch the girls .. both cats have all their claws

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I have two daughters.. Miley and Ava they are the most amazing things ever to happen besides falling in love with there dad