Funniest things my kids have ever said....

Noah: "Mom, did you know eggs are really just liquid chickens?" he said this when he was 10, he is now 15, and still asks me to fix him "liquid chickens" for breakfast.

Tanner: "Ya know mom, Santa's handwriting looks a lot like yours." (at age 5, now 17) And, when his Sister was born, also at age 5, "I'm going to teach this one to be naughty."

Carlene: Until she was 3 years old, she was convinced she was a boy...every time someone would tell her she was a good girl, she would say "No, I a boy!"

Caleb: Everything he says is funny, and he's quite a prankster..funniest thing ever.."Mom, there's a snake behind you, run" there is never a snake, but I scream and take off running every time.

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      Sadie (8) "Mom, do you really save big money at Menards?" lmao "Yes Sadie, yes we do!"
        I don't keep a diary or write this stuff down...just stuff that it remembered.
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