Little Monkey

My little 9.5 Month old monkey climbs on everyyyytthhhinngg she can. Im chasing her all the time. And I am her favorite thing to climb on. These are the moments I wish it were warm out so I could get her outside to climb and play. Anyone else with little monkeys?

    Stephanie Mitchell
    omg funny you ask! Zoey (17mos) reminded me of a monkey so much, I taught her how to make monkey noises! (o0o o0o eEE Eee AHH AHH AHH) and she was a monkey for halloween, Take her to an indoor play place, or even some malls have indoor toys!
      Kayla DeLeon
      My daughters favorite is the kitchen table
        8Theresa Gould
        Our boys all are climbers. Our girls were not so much, except one who was about six months old or 18 months old (can't remember if it was her first or second Christmas, want to say it was her first) and climbed up the step ladder set up at grandma's to get Christmas ornaments down from the attic. Talk about heart failure!
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