Bath for newborn

While the umbilical wound is healed I was boiling water and then dilute it with cold boiled water, poured into a baby bath and added to potassium permanganate or herb infusion.

Chamomile. Infusion relieves tension, soothes irritated skin, has a disinfecting effect. It is very goog for girls for the prevention of gynecological diseases. (my favorite)

Bur-marigold. The herbal infusion is used in the treatment of skin diseases. Reduces inflammation and rashes, helps get rid of lactic peel-gneiss and seborrhea. Take a bath with a bur-marigold can be no more than once a week - this plant is too dry out the delicate skin of the baby.

Nettle. The herbal infusion has a restorative effect on the body. Nettle gently softens and strengthens the hair.

Valerian. Fits easily excitable and active children. The infusion has a wound healing effect and a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system of the baby.

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      8Theresa Gould
      We would close the bathroom door so the bathroom would warm up. I would either bath the baby in the bathroom sink or with my first and second a baby bath tub. As they got older I'd put them in the big tub and close the shower curtain to contain the warmth.

      Wish I had known about the herbal baths when my babies were little.