Infant's formula

Before taking the decision to transfer your baby to formula you have to make every effort to maintain the breastfeeding. But the situation may be different and sometimes you have no choice but to feed your baby with the formula.You must be ready to constipation and rashes, it does not mean that formula does not suit you and you must change the formula. You have to wait for three days if nothing has changed, then try the another formula. And then if nothing has changed, then you need to go to the doctor, maybe you will need a special formula. (There are many special formulas, for example for premature babies, for those who suffering from allergies, for the babies with intolerance to cow's milk, etc.)

Moms Expertise
    8Theresa Gould
    Our nieces had to go on different formulas but I don't remember which kinds, just that they were easier on their tummies.