The Most Fun Things to do with Toddlers before they’re Big Kids!

Play Together-
.“I spy” in the car or at the park
.Building towers and knocking them down
.Rolling along toy cars
.Dress up
.Peek-a-boo, patty cake, hide and seek!
.Pretend to be tigers and chase each other
.Pretend you can’t find their hands when you’re helping them get dressed
Exploring Nature-
.Feeding the ducks, or chasing them…
.Feed a baby goat
.Fly a kite
.Walking in the rain…
.Puddle splashing!
.Play outside in fresh snow.
.Hop over waves at the beach.
.Look for crabs in the rocks, starfish in the rock pools.
.Plant a spring flower to watch it grow.
.Pick fruit off of trees
.Watch a caterpillar become a butterfly
.Explore the forest, touching everything.
.Play ‘ look high/look low’ and see what types of creatures or plants they see.
Run in the fields.
Toss leaves
Collect rocks.
Go Visit-
.Petting zoos
.A botanical garden
.An open gym day where your child can free play in the foam pit, the trampolines and the mats.
.A Children’s Museum
.Public library toddler reading time
.Cousins, Grandparents, and Friends!
Sensory Play-
.Sand castles
.Playing with rice, beans or cornmeal
.Playing with those arts and crafts poms poms
.Anything messy.
.Mud pies, mud holes, mud body paint
.WATER! In the sink with containers, in the sprinkler, in a sand and water table.
.Pour and measure – add a drop of food color for fun.
.Squeeze wet sponges.
.Walk the neighborhood with a watering can and “water” the flowers you see.
.Long baths – not just for getting clean
Songs, Rhymes and Stories-
.Read books together
.Touch and feel board books
.Sing and dance
.Songs with lots of movement, like “The Itsy-Bitsy Spider”, “The Wheels on the Bus”, and “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes.
.Have spur of the moment dance parties
.Pretend or real cooking
.Make goop, gak or slime
.Baking cookies or mixing pancakes together
.Bake banana muffins
.Have a Tea Party
.Decorating cookies with lots of sprinkles that go everywhere!
Arts and Crafts-
.Finger painting
.Pudding Paint!
.Water coloring paint
.Sidewalk chalk scribbles
.Make handprint art – tracing, impressions in salt dough and paint handprints
More Play!-
.Blowing and catching bubbles
.Balloons and balls -Balloon baseball!
.Bikes, Trikes and Ride-on toys
.Knobbed Puzzles
.Do “chores” with Mama and Papa
.Push baby strollers or shopping carts
.Rough and tumble play
.Build “forts” out of boxes or couch cushions!
.Make blanket tents and tunnels

The Most Fun Things to do with Toddlers before they’re Big Kids!
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