having only one child- wrong decision?

I recently asked my son : "do you want a brother or sister?" "No", he said" he/she might be annoying". He is 10 years old, we lost our second boy 5 years ago, and I never got pregnant again. About 2 years ago my husband said:"No more trying, Mark is 10 already, and I don't want our children to have a big age gap" So, having the only child in our family-wrong decision?

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        Hi Elena!
        I have only one kid too..12 years old, boy! He used to want a brother..Financialy It was hard for me and my husband to have another child and now I am 46 already and he will be my only kid forever:)
        Since his expensives goes high depends his age, I belive I made a right decision!
        Yesterday, he added a Razor Mouse, Razor laptop to his wishlist. He says
        -Mom, do you hink we can buy a new laptop this year?
        -If you had a brother, you would keep imagine it at least for 4-5 more years, sweetie! :)
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