Cloth Diapers

No kids yet, but trying. But I have already decided that I want to do cloth Diapers for my kids. But I am learning how to make them, to get ahead of the game, and because they are expensive. What are your opinions about them?

    I know they have some really great cloth diapers. I think they are a little spendy. like 10-15 a piece. But they have buttons so they can wear them from birth till they are out of diapers! Thats my plan! I attached the link:)…
    yeah I know they are expensive at first but cheaper at the end since you have to keep buying diapers for 3 years or so depends on your kids I guess. Yeah target has some great ones, and we have a store in the PX on base that has some great ones. I have all these ideas, just no babies lol.
    lol I totally feel ya!! no babies yet and I want to start buying everything now so when baby does happen Ill have almost everything
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