Potty Training

My daughter isn't even two yet but she will pee on the potty every other day and tell me she wants to go potty but just sits on the it for a second and then get up. =) any suggestions to get her more interested?? i know your not suppose to push it and i don't but i would like to get her a little more into it!

    Heck... if she is doing that she might be ready! maybe let her read a book on the potty ... or set up a sticker chart where she gets a sticker if she goes.
      8Theresa Gould
      A little treat of some sort whether it's a piece of candy or raisin? I'd say she is showing signs of readiness and that's great for YOU too!
        that's how my daughter was she was 3 when she was completely potty broke she started completely in December she has done so good now but it was really hard to get her to she likes baby dolls so I kept telling her I would get her a baby doll then just out of the clear Blue she kept going :). Don't worry she will probably do it out of the clear blue I was so surprised :). Good luck
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