travel time next month maybe.

I'm excited about visiting my extended family who I haven't seen in soo many years. I'm a little nervous about flying by myself. My husband will keep our kids. Or I might wait until the summer to go visit then my husband will also come.

    It is always fun to visit family! So glad you get the opportunity! We have family out of state and rarely get to see them so I know what a luxury it can be!
      Now my husband want me to wait and save money. Which is true.
        8Theresa Gould
        Hope you get to go in the summer as a whole family!

        We haven't traveled to Canada since 2005 but I'd love to go visit my family again as only my mom has seen all our children in that time. It's just easier for her to come her as one person than ten of us going home and having to find lodging at different friends and family members. Though my sister has our childhood home and is an empty nester so she'd probably put us up.
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