I am a stay at home mom. We decided this after my 2nd daughter since all my check would go to just day care costs. I have loved staying home with my girls but I cannot wait to go back to work

Kayla DeLeonSpooner, Wisconsin
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    I left my job at a publishing company to be a WAHM (work from home mom). I started my own freelance graphic business when my daughter was 1 month old. It's been really hard growing a business while raising a baby but I wouldn't trade it for the world. if i'd gone back to work I would have brought steady money in, but not much with daycare.

    There really wasn't any room to grow either, which meant that when we have another baby in a few years we'd really be hurting financially. This way I could "take the leap" before we had a bigger house with another kid and more bills. As long as my business keeps growing and my husbands job is secure we'll work our way back up from here. In the mean time I get to be the mom I want to be and still contribute to the family income.
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      I stay at home and have my own business. I wouldn't trade it for an outside job. I love being at home.
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