Drop it like it's hot... the baby! ha

So I remember when my friend was approaching her due date.. she was trying everything she had ever heard of to get the baby to get started in coming out! I am talking everything...

- we went out for mexican food

- she bounced on my yoga ball

- we walked a few miles

Ladies.. did you try any crazy thing to get your baby to come? Did any of them work? Do you think they really can? Share with me!​

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    8Theresa Gould
    We tried walking.

    Cleaning and steam vacuuming our van seemed to set off contractions but then again that was the pregnancy I was dehydrated too.

    I've heard driving over bumpy country roads, but we haven't tried that.

    The doctor striped my membranes when I was a week and a half overdue and that actually worked.

    Some herbal remedies.....but I cannot remember which ones are recommended.

    I took an homeopathy remedy with my last and it seemed to work. I cannot remember the name of it either but I had to put these little round pills under my tongue.

    Squats to bring baby down and get him/her engaged. Can't remember if it worked or not.

    Intercourse. Something about the orgasm triggering oxytocin which can in turn set off labor.

    Those are the only ones coming to my mind right now. Babies just have their own time table. I think it just makes us feel better to "try" to get things started.
      Sabrina Abbott
      I induce all my babies. It seems I'm blessed to have children, yet cursed to have them alone... so timing is everything. Castor oil is quite effective. I did that with my son. Castor oil in coca cola. 2 tablespoons and 2 hours later I lost a plug; 4 hours after I lost the plug, contractions began.

      With my eldest I used Evening Primrose Oil caplets. I don't think that helped though because she was still 7 days late entirely. Evening Primrose Oil caplets are really just a perfect birth control and breastmilk dryout method (when you're done breastfeeding that is).

      With my 3rd child I did it all organic. Running, jogging, jumping, lifting, cleaning insanely. She was born on the day that we entered the safety zone for birth.

      If you're baby weighs heavily on your cervix, the organic methods might be all you need. If your child is past the due date, or on it, I'd say get your castor oil for sure.
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