Parties.. too much fuss?

I recently read a blog post about a Mom throwing a 5th Birthday party for her daughter and proclaiming how it was the most stressful thing she had ever planned in her life.... (insert crickets)


I thought to myself a few things...

1 it shouldn't BE stressful, Birthdays are celebrations, and you lady, are definitely not making what is important a priority

2 they are kids... why fuss about making each detail PERFECT.. they are kids! I doubt your husband notices the fresh flowers in your house.. how do you expect kids to appreciate the unicorn confetti on the table?

3 I sometimes think Moms want to feel stressed or like they are worked too hard.. maybe it's not true.. but it doesn't make you a better Mom if you are the MOST stressed out one w/ everything on your plate

4 Less is more most times.. in my eyes at least - people get caught up in hype and I think memories will create themselves.. with or without the unicorn confetti

What do you gals think? Do you think in the world of Pinterest and making things look picture perfect that Moms get caught up in it all? Forgetting the real point to most the things they are planning? ​

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        8Theresa Gould
        I love Lisa's stress bragging term.

        I determined early on not to have themed birthdays or spend an outrageous amount of money. I grew up with simple birthdays but loads of FUN memories and that's what I've wanted to create for our children.
          i dont know about making it perfect but i love doing a theme and trying to make everything kinda flow with it. i dont agree that no one will remember. my son still talks about his birthday party like it was yesterday and it was october. I might have over done it lol because i get caught up in the moment of it all and i think its fun. I dont want to stress about it thats for sure but i personally do better under stress so it works for me. I know some people would tell me i did too much and not to expect that at their kids parties but at the same time what might seem like too much for one person is a cake walk for another.
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