Social Media!

Ladies.. as you have become busy Moms.. are you still plugged into social media? Do you rarely have time for it? Do you have apps you still cannot live without? What apps do you use?

I will share mine.. I love Instagram! I use Twitter from time to time.. I used to use it quite often.. and I am Facebook about 24/7 due to work! (I manage social media accounts for many small businesses!) :)

Tell me what you use, why you use it... or why you don't! ​

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        I should do MORE... lol.. I troll FB.. and do twitter.. both are mostly for my "branding" I'm trying to make a "name" for myself as a blogger, personality etc...

        I post every few days on FB and every day plus on twitter... but mostly to go along with what I mentioned above... it's rare that I post something personal...
          8Theresa Gould
          Yes, as part of blogging it is necessary to maintain a social media presence so I am on Facebook every day and Twitter almost every day, Instagram and Pinterest a couple times a week or for paid campaigns.
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