I'm sorry I didn't "like" your Facebook Status... Really?

Facebook equals mom overshare sometimes.. I know this.. I see it every day and I'd be lying if I said I was never an offender... But.. Sometimes.. as much as I love my "friends" real and virtual, seeing the daily posts of their kids doing regular things, like eating ice cream, sliding down a slide, sitting in a garden, covered in sand, etc.. is annoying.. I get it. I think my kids are freaking adorable too.. But here is where I feel I differ from most... is that yes, I think my kids are Gorgeous and beyond cute, but I have the ability to recognize.. that NOT EVERYONE ELSE FEELS THE SAME...

I actually HAD a conversation with a good friend this morning after leaving the kids at school .. we just briefly stated our weekend and she mentioned the soccer tournament and how her son's team won and he scored the winning goal and I said, "That's right. I saw your pic! Congrats!" and she said.. "You saw it?" How come you didn't LIKE it?"

Huh? Really? ... yes really and THEN, as picked up on her tone that clearly she was offended, I lied and said I was reading it on my phone and just scrolled through real quick... But her tone had changed and she was clearly upset with me...

Oh hell no... I played dumb, told her to have a great day and went on my run... Has it come to this? This isn't the first time I've been privy to this sort of thing... Moms take this stuff personally.. and I don't.

If I post a pic of my kids, I usually do it for the extended family out of town.. and if I get "likes".. cool.. whatever.. but I never click on them and see WHO liked them and how many, etc... I don't need that validation.. is that what she's after? Seems strange.. I'm always interested and asking about his soccer and congratulating him on a good game I hear about..

So.. this whole social media thing can get out of control... I learned a while back to just sort of creep around if on FB and sure I 'like" some things, but I can't like everything.. but it's not because I don't like it.. it's because.. it's FACEBOOK..

Then there's the over sharing.. a friend posted her sons poop in a potty... now, if you know me well enough right now.. a pic of poop in a potty doesn't bother me and if done well can be quite funny.. but this is the status update that is more like an hourly journal.. and I'm sorry.. the daily moments of your son's potty training don't always interest me.. Give me ONE update.. show me a pic of his thomas underwear and say, Yeay.. no more diapers.. ONCE.. but the continuous update of his learning curve is just well.. no interesting to me...

NOR would I assume MINE would be of regular interest to someone else...

Anyone? Dealing with over sharing? Do any of your friends get upset if you don't "like" something???​

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    8Theresa Gould
    Jessica, you always make me laugh! ;)
      Oh Jessica.. I don't get it either. I FB stalk, more than post.. and to be honest, the people who post all the time, looking for LIKES and COMMENTS.. its sad and weird to me. Do you really not have real people that inquire or chat with you enough to get so much satisfaction about random a** people LIKING and COMMENTING?

      Case in point.. the girls who post weekly of their BUMP! I get it.. it's cute, you are growing, you want to share.. but weekly? I haven't posted one - heck I just TOOK my first one and felt so weird doing so the other week. I like to keep some things private.. I always said the "pee stick" and ultrasound pics - n the o! Its weird.. don't people want privacy anymore? Sigh.

      As for that Mom.. she is attention seeking and needs more real friends I think. If her world rises and sets on how many people LIKE or COMMENT on things on her FB wall... she needs real problems.
        8Theresa Gould
        I have posted a pregnancy test as a way of announcing our last pregnancy. So I don't find that odd, but the poop yes.

        I have fallen prey to watching the likes and comments on my posts. The thing is, from a blogging perspective the more interaction and engagement from readers is a plus to brands looking to work with bloggers.
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