Can we talk about the "monthly visitor" and how her visits have grown more awful through the years???

For those of you that know me a bit now, you can tell I'm not the shy girl that will hold back on topics.. BUT.. I've never LOVED talking about my period.. It's always been a private thing to me.. maybe I was lucky as my my periods most of my life have been relatively uneventful..

But after KIDS.. man things changed.. and my kids are 6 and 9 so I can't really blame them anymore.. BUT.. I swear.. NOW i know what everyone's been whining about for so long...

My periods ar now SO heavy that I go through a tampon and a pad in an hour!!! For three days and then it's GONE... then trickles back for a week then GONE until the next nightmare visit...I've seen a Doctor to make sure all is okay and yes, it is.. He basically told me I was old and my body is changing... lol.. Ugh...But every month, I'm taken aback by how bad it is..

Anyone else???​

    8Theresa Gould
    Mine have been rather uneventful. Always like clockwork. The cramps and length were longer before children. After children they got shorter and lighter....until this summer. I turned 43 this summer and sometimes wonder if I am pre-menopausal (I've been sweating at night even now that it's cool too) or if my miscarriage in June triggered something. They are getting heavier for me and like Lisa embarrassingly so.
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