Moms Bi-Racial Babies?

Are there any other moms of biracial babies out there? I'm White (Euro-mix) and my husband is Asian (Korean). I think our daughter is a beautiful mix of the two of us. But sometime I find myself getting defensive when people say she looks so Asian (usually when I'm holding her) or so White (usually when my husband is holding her). I know it shouldn't bother me but it does. I can't even really explain why.

I've also been asked stupid questions like "Is she yours? She's so much DARKER then you!", or "Are you the nanny?", or "When did you get her?". I've tried laughing it off and politely explaining that she's all mine and her daddy is Korean. Some people are cool about it and others get weird and walk away.

Does anyone else deal with this? How do you feel about people commenting on your babies racial appearance? How do you deal with general public ignorance?

    Hi Taylor. First let me say that you have a beautiful family! I have 2 kids that are half white and half African American. They look nothing like me but its kind of a running joke now. I think people are just genuinely curious and probably don't realize that they could be offending you. We live in quite a diverse world and there are so many beautiful and unique people today. With anything, you need to keep a sense of humor. For example...when my kids are acting like idiots in Target, I laugh and say ,"God, where are these kids' parents?!" haha. But, really, don't worry about the comments. Your little Avery will help open the eyes of the world.
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