What do you call your kids when they're being "BAD?"(i.e. jerks)...

So.. the "cute" nicknames went over well.. lets' talk the dirt.. What do you call your kids when they're being punks?

My mom always said, "Jess. you're being a little shit"... I know. Lovely.

Since I don't swear in front of or AT my kids.. I've had to come up with some alternatives... (okay, i've sworn a few times.. but never AT them)

I tell them they're both being "poops".. or "nasty".. My son since he's older a little ((9)).. I can use more mature language, like if he's being a "jerk".. My daughter I just say, "you're being crappy"...

I have a foul mouth.. I know this.. hiding it from children is a daily challenge.. I'm a very sweet person with a terrible potty mouth .. I tried to change it.. I give up.. it's just part of me and I have very little out let.. so swearing sometimes.. NOT in front of my kids but with friends.. feels really good and is needed...

I digress.

My son was being unusually jerky yesterday... just a jerk.. picking on his sister, jumping down her throat the second she said something wrong... etc.. and I warned him to chill out and then said, "Maddox.. stop. You're being such a d...".. and I stopped myself of course and he said a what? I said.. "a dip"... lame.. he knew it was lame.. He repeated, "a DIP?"... like that's all you got mom? And then I laughed and I said, "well what I really want to tell you, is not okay to say to you"...

But HE WAS! There was NOT other word that could perfectly describe his crappy way and attitude at that moment. He was being a dick. I'm sorry. He was.. Of course, I pulled him aside before we walked into church and gave him his last warning.. the worst I've called him is a jerk.. but man oh man.. I was tested yesterday...

So, ladies.. what are some alternative "bad" words to call your kids that they will understand yet you won't go to mommy jail for?​

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      8Theresa Gould
      With three teen girls all menstruating we have witching hour and have actually said witch and the other but in anger and over extreme disrespect being displayed - talk about mature - I've acted and displayed the same in return on occasion. Not very proud of those moments because it's not a word I normally say in every day language. :( There was just no other word to describe her in that situation. This coming from a mom who never wanted to swear at her children, let alone use such a word to call one of them. Sigh. #fail.
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