Went to first appointment

ok so I had my first fertility appointment. It wasn't what I expected at all. I have blood work in the morning. I have an HSG on January 6 my husband has an appointment for a sperm analysis (we don't have that appointment yet) and we both have to see the specialist on February 20 to get our results and the doc said we will go from there. I wish we wouldn't have to wait until February 20. It seems so far away. But in the mean time we are busy with remodeling our house. So I will just try to stay focused on our house so I don't get so stressed about not getting pregnant.

    Thanks Linda. It seems all I do is stress. Not just about not getting pregnant. Lately I been worried about my mom. She has 2 stints in her heart and refuses to listen to doctors and me and my brother and sister. She smokes like 2 packs a day drinks coke like its water. And we lost my grandmother on the 1st and now that my grandmas gone my mom don't even get out her bed most days. The doctor put her on antidepressants and she takes more than she is supposed to and can't function right. No matter what we tell her she swears she is fine. My sister and I was there when she had the stints put in and we know what the doc said. It wasn't to smoke more and eat unhealthy fried foods and fast food all the time. Sorry I had to get that out. I've told my sister and she feels the same way but my mom just won't listen.
      no it's not really a big house. It's a 3 bedroom 2 bath mobile home. But it's still fun getting to choose the color I want the walls to be.
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