My kids adult teeth look yellow..

At first I thought it was just in comparison to the pearly white baby teeth still in there... but when they went to the dentist he said that was only partially true.. then sanded them down with his special tool and though they weren't pearly white they looked better..

My kids brush their own teeth.. at 6 and 9 they've got it down.. I still am close by and can tell by the spit in the sink how well it's been done.. so I make sure i'm close but they are offended if I do it for them...

Baking soda.. a little on the finger tip... dip in water and scrub the yellow right off their teeth.. well not right off, but it exfoliates them so that they look less... gamey...

I heard sonic care.. for kids is the bomb...​

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    8Theresa Gould
    Yeah, baking soda does the trick. I've tried changing toothpastes too just to see if it helped whiten their/our teeth and have found a couple that work better than others.
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