How do you keep baby warm while running errands if they can't wear a coat in their carseat?

luckily my daughter is still small enough to carry around in the car seat with a cover, but that won't last for long. I know they can wear a light jacket in their car seat but when it's -30 degrees with windchill (Minnesota winters) a light coat won't cut it. Do you put their big coat on in the parking lot and ther run into the store? Then take it off again when you get back in the car?

I can't imagine doing that multiple times if your going several places. Juggling bags, car seat straps, and her coat in freezing temperatures doesn't seem like a great idea either. My fingers would freeze!

How do you do it?

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        kind of a goofy product in my opinion...(saw this on TV, on a talk show) ... but one option
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