Gender Disappointment

I love my baby so much, and I just had another ultrasound and was told once again that it's a boy. I hate feeling so upset by this, though. Always looking at the adorable baby girl clothes, seeing cute dresses that my friends made for their nieces... I don't want to be disappointed by it, but I just want to have a little baby girl in my arms. I don't want to have my children too close in age (hubby does), but I almost want to just to have a girl that much sooner.

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    i know you love your baby...and believe me you will love it that much more when it comes in to the world... the gender will not matter. Speaking from experience (I wanted a boy but got a girl) sometimes it seems to take over while you are pregnant (the feeling of disappointment) but once the baby is here that feeling vanishes!
      It's alright to be disappointed. If you want more children, you'll have other chances. When you hold this little one in your arms, you won't want him any differently. If you decide not to have anymore kids, allow yourself to mourn (really) for the little girl you didn't have. I was there, looking at the baby clothes, wishing for a baby, but I couldn't have one. I needed to mourn, to just go through the emotions. (Obviously I later had a baby!) Good luck! (hugs)
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