Not eating

Im 10 weeks pregnant and today i just couldnt eat. I have had no food today and feel sick to my stomach. Is this normal when pregnant?

    unfortunately, yes - but you have to find something that you can eat. My doctor told me it's better to eat junk then nothing at all (just take those vitamins!). Of course, eat healthy as much as you can but if a chocolate malt and French fries are the only things you can stand to eat go for it. Just remember to keep trying healthy stuff and when the morning sickness subsides make sure you're limiting the junk.

    The only other tip I have for coping is to make sure to eat protein. You don't have the flu so don't eat like a sick person. If all your eating is saltines then the low blood sugar alone will make you feel like crawling in a hole. Your body needs fuel!
    I had a cup of water in the moroing then one at night probaly another one soon.
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