Irregular periods

I have extremely irregular periods. I've gone 2.5 months without one, then ill have one then 28 days later ill have another then 2 months later ill have one. They are never constant. Nothing in my life has changed, I dont feel stressed so Im not sure whats causing it. Any suggestions?? Will this effect trying to get pregnant?

    A stypom of pregancy is missed peroids. So have you missed peroids. Try taking a cheap pregancy test to check.
    When my period was 2.5 months late, I took 4 tests all coming back negative. Had my period and am now waiting for my next one.My next period isnt suppose to to start untill January 7th
      Supposedly you alternate ovaries each month that you get your period. Some people have different patterns.. For example, once on the left then twice in a row on the right or twice on both ! Women who lose an ovary won't get a period the month that the missing ovary is supposed to ovulate.

      It sounds to me like you are one of those people with a different pattern. You ovulate twice on one side, then once on the other. For some reason one of your ovaries may not be ovulating which is causing the period, period, no period, period.

      You should definitely see a doctor to make sure there isn't anything dangerous goin on with that one lazy ovary. As far as getting pregnant, you should still be able to conceive from the good ovary, but charting or using ovulation kits will be really helpful in figuring out the timing.
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