When others are pregnant, my emotions go haywire.

When I see pregnant women, it's like my brain becomes a carousel that doesn't know how to feel. It's a weird mix of longing, anger, bereavement, happiness... Just the whole mix thrown together.

I am normally happy for the woman and think 'aww', which spins into an 'aww' of sadness of why don't I have a baby? Then jealousy that she has a baby. Then anger that I don't. Then grief because I 'should' have a baby. Then onto quiet acceptance that it will happen in due time.

In short, every time I see a pregnant lady, I feel like I need to go meditate for an hour. Or a day.

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    ((hugs)) I don't know how you feel because I do have a daughter. But, I'd like to have another baby who is healthy(my daughter having many health issues). I would love to be able to feel that.. So, in that sense I get you. But, you will be in my prayers that things go well for you and you get what you wish for very soon.

    What helps me feel better sometimes is to go buy a little outfit. I have a drawer of outfits and even a stuffed toy for when I do have a baby one day. Silly to some but, It works for me when I'm feeling the baby blues. Then when I get down I can even look through them and just pray that it happens soon.
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