needing advice

So my three year old has been fully potty trained two months before she turned two. Now she has gone in her dipper at night for the past few months should I stop buying them and see what happens what would you all do?

    Stacey Ruffin
    Hi Jennifer, I would purchase some to have as backup until the night time going stops.
      Maybey buy a small pack of diapers forf back up
        We too use what we call a pee pad! LOL! I have provided the link to one like I bought below (I only paid like 12.00 each though)... I bought two so in case there was an accident I could change them out quickly in the middle of the night . Instead of putting it saddle style like in the picture I put it the length of the bed to protect everything. These have worked very well for us (of course we have a waterproof matress pad underneath the sheets to for added protection.

        I really like this type of pad because it travels well too!…
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