Baby walkers

my mom is super excited to get my 6 month old daughter a baby walker. I was really excited to until I read all these negative things about them. My daughter has VERY strong legs. She's been standing and supporting her own weight since she was 2.5 months old. She grabs my hands and pulls herself from laying to sitting to standing. When I hold her standing she picks her feet up and takes steps towards things she's interested in. Because of all this I think she'd love the independence of a walker. Of course we won't use it for extended periods of time and I'll always supervise.

What are your feelings about baby walkers? Did you use one? Would you say it had a positive, negative, or no effect on your child?

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    i have had both baby walkers and exersaucers. I have to say I like the excersaucer (stationary ones) much better! They give baby the freedom to move about without worrying if they are going to run into something and possibily hurt themselves or pull something down. I feel that they get as much mobility and freedom with either just much more safer in a stationary contraption!
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      There are those new jumparoos that are on the floor... my sister had one and thought it was great... i do not like the ones that hang from the doorways either
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