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Do any of you other moms have troubles with your in laws? Especially your mother in law? My MIL is like 64 and I am only 23 so as you can see, there is a huge generation gap here. Our relationship used to be great! Before I had my son, we could have hour long conversations, go shopping and out to lunch, bake together, I'd do her nails, she taught me how to crochet, we could talk about (almost) anything. Then after I had my son, everything changed. She didn't like the fact that I breastfeed. (My son is 13 months tomorrow and still going strong...yay!) Even before I had my son, she would always say, "What if you don't have enough milk?" "What if your milk isn't healthy enough for him?" Things like that but I thought they would stop, or at least slow down once he was here and she realized, I got this. But it hasn't. It went from what if you aren't enough, to is he eating again, or that wasn't very long, to he needs more baby food, he needs more regular food. Now I know this is a grandma thing and just about everyone does it, even sometimes random people. But it seems like she doesn't know when to stop. It is starting to get into my head and was very hard to not let it get to me, especially when my son was just born and we had a rough start to breastfeeding. Now I feel like she questions my every move with my son. Sometimes I snap and then it causes trouble between my boyfriend and me. The last spout was on my birthday and she now thinks I hate her. If I don't do something about it, then she will just hate me and all of this will be 10x's worse. It will be even more worse if my boyfriend and I split up because of it. I don't know what to do. I text her and told her I think we need to get together and talk about things but she never replied. I don't want to bring it up again until after the holidays but tonight and tomorrow when we go over there is going to be very weird. What should I do?!

    mine issues is with My husbands Father he has never Liked me from the Day he Met me ... and nothing we say or do changes the way he feels ... he thinks the reason I am a stay at home mom is because I don't want to work ..and just be lazy and be waited on.... but it's because we live in a small town .. all daycare's are full and my girls are so close in age can't get them in the same daycare together ... it's too costly that even if we were both working we never come out ahead because just one of us would be paying for daycare with our whole pay check... I stay home because I want our girls together and not have to pay the daycare bill... I worked when our oldest was the only child up to I was 7 months along with youngest ..and have been a stay at home mom ever since ... but one day when the girls are both in school i will go back to work ... I am also too outspoken for his dads liking ..... I was born in the South and learned how to stand my ground and not let others walk all over you so he hates it when I stand up for myself
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      yeah i also got divorcee just because of my MIL she used to object me every time she got irritated when i go out and spent lot time with my husband i am from Pakistan and there we always have arranged marriages,and if a girl gets divorce everyone hates that girl and feel hesitant to marry .. i dint know my husband well we did int have the understanding and upon that my mother in law made it hell for me .. she wanted me to concentrate on house chores more then on my hubby.. like if i am a servant and at night my husband wants time. i was hell ill living there with them.. u know the terrible part happen to me i got pregnant mean while.. one day he got annoyed due to his mom pressure he punched in to my belly i was 10week pregnant at that time.. i just quit then and there and left the house.. this year's October i gave birth to a daughter and he dint even wished to see her... :( i just gave all this blame to my mother in law as she ruined my life .. my husband was pakAmerican there somthing wrong happend in his past with him which made hi rude and phsyco..i dint figure out ever what it could be..i tried many history sites but as i am not citizen so i cant get the info about could be possible he was a metally ill patient or ....any how its over now
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        You know my mother and even my grandmother did not "get" breastfeeding. I don't know what the doctors and nurses said to mothers back in the 1940's-1970's but these women were not very successful in nursing their babies and a lot of it was they didn't have enough milk. We cannot change their experience. I have wondered if my ability to breastfeed made them feel guilty. I don't know why but I got that feeling.

        She probably does think she knows more than you since she has already been through it all, but she seems to have over stepped the boundaries of what is acceptable. I don't have a close relationship with my mil, she's 81, and has been vocal about things that I just don't need or want to hear so I keep my distance, which is easy to do since we no longer live close to her.

        I hope you can have a chat with her. It sounds like you had a good relationship with her before your son was born. Good luck.
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