Budgeting Mommas?

any moms out there who create monthly or yearly budgets and financial plans? I've been trying to do this but am discovering it's much harder than it sounds, and it always seems we run into something so unexpected and it throws everything off! How do you do it? Any tools or apps that you like?

    Kayla DeLeon
    Every year after taxes we put $1000 in an emergency fund in out bank and that goes to cars,house and etc.

    We also have a Christmas fund where every week my hubby has $15 taken out of his account and we are not allowed to touch it until the first of November so that way we have money for Christmas.

    Add up all your bills you have to pay monthly and when they are due by and create a spread sheet so you can check it off monthly to show that you did pay it

    I give my hubby an envelope of cash every week so he can buy gas and his cigs and some lunch for work and if he runs out he runs out until the net pay check so that way he isn't over spending

    I also take $500 for clothes out of taxes for the kids to buy summer clothes and winter clothes again the following year

    That is what we do
      8Theresa Gould
      Before my husband's lay of in 2008 we were pretty budgeted, that's how we paid off our house within 11-12 years, but other than that were debt free. But it's a struggle now because we live pay check to pay check and my husband is unemployed. Our food bill is our biggest expense next to rent.
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