Birthday Parties but NO siblings please!

I get it. Birthday parties are expensive and if everyone brought their sibling(s) then you're inclined to feed them and include them. So, I get it when an invite clearly states NO siblings..

My problem with this is that, my older can't stay alone.. I'm a single mom and even if I had their dad around, he may work or travel, etc.. If this comes up, most of the time, I can find a playdate for my son.. and even though my kids are at the age where I could technically "drop them off" for the party, I'm not comfortable with that just yet.. unless it's close friends and in that case, both my kids are included.

Anyway.. I'm ALWAYS respectful of this.. If it's NOT stated, I will always email the mom and ask if I could bring the other sibling and always making it clear that they will just be there and won't need to participate.. which can suck yes.. but my kids understand that it's not THEIR friends party...

Apart from that... I can't lie.. even though I UNDERSTAND the no sibling policy.. I can't help but feel irritated by it.. It's usually when the birthday child doesn't have a sibling and so they themselves haven't had to find a place for them... or miss a party because of it..

I always have birthday parties where everyone is included. Period. OR like last year we had a party at a jumpy house place and I paid for 12.. and put a note at the end of the invitation that, siblings are welcomed but will need to pay separately.. and then I make sure I have enough food and cake. I just do..

So as much as I get the no sibling part, I can't help but feel annoyed by it and I can't pay $50 for a sitter so my kids can go to a party...

Anyway.. Thoughts ladies? ​

    Ooo.. what a situation I have never even thought of.. but I see the dynamic and I can see both sides. You often forget about the single parent that might have 2 or 3 little loves and hello.. you can't just drop em like their hot.. I totally get that. I would think parents could be aware.. and reach out to those that are single parents and say hey.. you can bring him too, no biggie and help out a bit? I feel like I would try to do that.. oh who knows.. what a whole new world I will be in for, eek!
    Agreed. But I will say this.. regardless of the single parents.. when I was with my kids dad, he sometimes would travel and sometimes the same things happened with or without the baby daddy close by...
    I get it.. I do.. and yes, sometimes I feel if the parents just have ONE child then it may not occur to them that it could be an issue because they hadn't had to deal with it...
      8Theresa Gould
      That is tough and I don't have any thoughts. Just a share....

      What irritates me is events that are for "family" but no children are allowed - say what?! Then no thank you, I have eight of them! We've had wedding invitations say the same thing, yet find out later children were in attendance. I get it but like you said, it still irritates me.
      Yes. we had that too.. No kids at a wedding.. and it was far.. and they were little and we dont have family close by... So we didn't go.. On one side.. I get it.. You don't want kids there.. but dude.. life happens and kids happen and I'm the kind of person that sets up a treasure hunt for the kids at a grown up BBQ... So, I'm with you...
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