How much do you share with your kids about kidnapping?

My daughter recently wandered too far from me at a park.. and granted it wasn't dangerous, I have rules.. And as we are getting into the car, I told my kids.. "look.. it just takes a second of you looking at a butterfly too close to the street and someone could drive up, grab you and you're gone".. just like that.. and my son thought for a minute and said, "What do kidnappers do?"


I told him blatantly.. I said, some kidnappers steal the kids for themselves and some do horrible things.. Like what? He said...

Ugh... How much do I tell him that scares him enough but doesn't totally terrify him of everyone? I told him that there are a lot of sick adults out there.. that they do things to kids that should never be done.. they hurt them or touch their privates or keep them for themselves and maybe hit them every day.

My son said, "why would someone do that?"

I didn't have an answer... I just told him that there are people out there that are really sick and do awful things - then I reminded him that most people are good, but we have to be careful..

My kids are 6 and 9 and of course I'm not going to give them details or rape and killing kids.. but I need them to know a little bit..

What is a healthy does of fear and truth that you tell your kids?​

    It's a fine line.. Yes meg... I want them fearful enough.. I mean my son acted like, he whats the big deal if you get kidnapped.. like his worst thought was you never see your family again.. and that's awful for him yes.. but the true horrors of what people are capable of doing is one we protect our kids from knowing but also they need to understand that it's not like visiting a strange home for a night..
    I'm glad he stopped asking... hes very curious.. When I remind him that no one looks or touches his privates, he asks why would someone want to.. and I'm always a little stuck.. the true innocence of him is shown.. and I hate to be the one that intorduces him to the ugly out there..
    I just told him.. look .. they just do bad things, like hit kids and don't feed them and the same questions.. why would someone do hit a kid?... I just told him it's better he doesn't know everything and that to just stay safe...
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      We are pretty open and give some details enough to make them take the possible threat of danger seriously. We've had to due to what has already occurred with strange vehicles/people approaching our sons. Some of my older ones know more since they can read headlines etc. I do think our kids sense of safety is heightened to the point of being paranoid on occasion, which I feel sad that their innocence is gone, yet feel it's necessary due to our location and traffic.
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