how to baby-proof your electronics?

Kids love phones, i-pads, TVs. How to baby proof electronics? My biggest concern was our heavy TV. We strapped our TV to the wall to be safe. How about you, moms?

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    8Theresa Gould
    I have an Otter case for my iPhone and it has really helped as it really protects my phone. It's expensive but worth it. We don't have anything for our Kindle yet but we really try to make it a requirement that they sit and don't move with it. They have to set it down and get up and do whatever it is they need to do. It helps to have two of us home, plus older children with eyes to prevent this from happening. We do not have a TV so that has not been an issue in a few years. They did ruin a TV/VCR combo we had by sticking something in the VCR so that was unfortunate. I did not get a case for the children's Vtech but it seems to be holding up well even with some rough handling, but I am sure a case would have helped prolong it's life too. We aren't so diligent about requiring them to sit with it because it just seems sturdier than the Kindle.
      The otter or griffon cases are awesome... expensive but will def keep everything safe! I know my nieces had thrown my sisters ipad across the room and it stayed safe in its griffon case!
      8Theresa Gould
      I've never heard of the griffon case. Good to know it does its job! Thanks!
        Yeah and they are extremely waterproof! I think they are like the otter...
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