How can i let him go?

How do i handle myhusband deploying for two years starting in january? Hes going to miss our daughters first two years....

    8Theresa Gould
    I know there are other military moms here so I hope they chime in. It think it will be very hard, but with the advancement in technology (Skype etc.) you and your husband can still share in all of your daughter's firsts together, albeit at a distance and separated. You will have to determine to make the best of it and determine to work at your communication while he's away. I think it will be important for your daughter in remembering her daddy and to your relationship as a couple.
    8Theresa Gould
    Oy. That's rough. I'm not sure I understand why a divorce is the solution if you love one another. I know of a couple who make it work. Right now she's in Italy (where her husband is stationed) but he's away in England or Germany. Before this year, she was in the US and he was overseas. It might be extra work but you can make it work if you both wanted to. There are other moms on here who are making it work too. Guess you both will have to decide what is best for you, but I wouldn't be so quick to give up. Why is he?
      Deployment is a very hard thing for all members of the family. But remember this is his job ... you WILL get through. My brother-in law has been in the air force for 22 years and has done 7 tours in the middle east... he has 3 children and they have always gotten through. make sure to support him and make sure you have support from family at home. i know this always helped my sister - in law!
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