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So ladies.. I am in a situation. I feel stuck and stressed and it isn't lovely and I would love your help.. in so many forms. Like you might have read, I work 2 1/2 days OUT of the home.. I don't mind working OUT of the home... but the type of work it is has become very stressful for me.. it can make or break my week, day, hour.. it is starting to affecting me in ways it shouldn't.. I know it's not healthy. So I chatted with my husband about finding something else, equal hours, around the same pay, so nothing would really change.. minus the job itself.

Do you make the switch for happiness over comfort? When is enough, enough? Should I lay low and stick things out.. or be a risk taker and take my happiness in my own hands?


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      8Theresa Gould
      It's always hard to let go. I've had to let clients go in the past because just the way they were wore me down or it affected my whole day, attitude with my family etc. and I'm happier without them. And the pay? It's been replaced and I now have more time for my family most days. So I say take your happiness in your own hands too! :)

      "When God closes a door, he opens a window...."
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          MEG! I just DID this.. So, I have about 6 different sources of income.. I need them all.. But ONE I hate.. like HATE... it's almost close to data entry.. I mean it's THAT boring and it's one of those things that weekly, sits on my shoulders to get to and finish.. and I try every week to tackle it early.. but I seem to always put it to the end... It weighs on me.. and destroys moods and makes me feel like I'm lagging and guilty and yet I just don't like it...I've been doing this for 5 months.. and it makes my car payment every month...But I hate it..

          So, just last week. I quit. I was scared and worried about the money part.. But, I thought with the amount of time I spent worrying about it, thinking about it and then actually doing it (about 8 hours worth).. I could put that energy into doing something I already have BETTER... to spend more time on branding me and my site and my writing.. and I was terrified... cause I need that money.. .But good news is... my plan worked.. the time it opened up for me and not just the actual time but my brain was clogged because it was ON my mind so much... it lightened my load and the time I had "free" this week, I spent really tackling my own stuff and small successes came from it...

          I fully believe that if you are spread thin... and are unhappy that it carries over into so much and that if you free that party up, you can manifest it into something else or find another source of that income..

          So. yes. I'm all about happy versus working to the bone... I lived in a tiny one bedroom apartment with my kids for 3 years so that I was THERE for them.. I could have gone and had a full time job to do better financially or get us a better place to love, but I believed that me being happy and with my kids and available to them... even though we were eating rice lol.. was worth it...

          SO, make that jump... cut where you can.. and push harder for one more client doing what you LOVE to do... you got this...
          Oooo Jess.. talk about a little fire in me you are keeping going! I just chatted with this gal about a possible new role doing something I love.. can you guess at all.. helping at that BARRE studio I LOVE! Like actually something I enjoy, value and devote time to already. I am still on the fence how to handle letting go out what stresses me out.. but I have to.. at least a good talk.. and get it done. It's not getting better, the stress won't be going away.. but I can choose for it to by taking this other step. I totally get what you are saying when you let go and choose happiness that sometimes and somehow, better things just come to you - it's amazing.

          Thanks so much for the support and kind words.. now, do you need someone to help market you as a writer and your humor!? ;) hehehe
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