Cooking in the Kitchen...

Okay ladies.. I would love to know, for you to be honest, and perhaps HELP me... do you cook in the kitchen for dinner every night? Most nights? A few nights? Rarely?

Alas.. I must confess, cooking doesn't come naturally to me. It's odd and I wish it wasn't so odd for me.. I hate getting things messy, we typically don't eat big sit down meals (probably bc I don't MAKE them, ha) and I don't feel like it comes naturally.. even as an interest.. does that make sense?

My Mom always told me that once she got married she started to cook because she had to... oops, three years later, not so much! With baby on the way.. I can't help but think how much I loved sitting around the dinner table growing up.. so I know I want to do that.. but I need help, a shove, motivation or.. a cook! ha! Just kidding.. not really.

Did you start taking up cooking more ONCE you had kids.. because you finally had to? I hope this is the case. Whenever we babysit our nieces I LOVE whipping them up something.. but when it comes to me and hubby (poor hubby) I just feel blah about diving in, taking time and making something for us two.

Oh gosh.. how awful do I sound!

Please weigh in ladies! :)​

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      8Theresa Gould
      I've always cooked. Had to get more practice cooking meat when I was first married because I didn't have a lot of experience with that. I loved cooking for my family. As my girls got older and I worked more, they've taken over the cooking. My boys will help cook meals. My husband cooks on occasion. We try to keep things fairly simple since cooking and clean up for ten is a lot. I miss cooking for my family. I made cookies over the weekend and every one was excited and very happy! I'm hoping to get back at it once my husband gets a job again...maybe I won't have to work quite so much.
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