different pregnancy if you're caring a child with disability

my second pregnancy was abnormal, and I had horrible nausea and vomiting all day long. I couldn't eat at all and even drinking a sip of water made me feel nauseous. He was extremely active day and night. Our second boy had a chromosomal abnormality and didn't survive.

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    it's ok, I mean yes we were shocked when after our first ultrasound they said our baby had a cyst in his brain, after the second one the doctor told us he had heart defects, after the third ultrasound-his blood circulation wasn't right. Finally, they recommended to do a chromosomal test and found out he had Trisomy 18. 2 weeks after after he was born, lived for 30 minutes and passed away:( My husband was so afraid, that I can't even talk about one more try now, and he doesn't want to adapt either.
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      I am sorry to hear of this Elena... my prayers are with you. But is the vomiting and nausea attributed to the abnormality? I too had those issues and did not have any issues? I am just curious what the doctor said?
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