not having twins but everyone talks about me having twins...

Every around me is talk about me and dreaming about me having twins. i think this is weird because I have been told by the doc. and seen that there is only one baby boy. has this happened to anybody else?

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    yeah. i don't think i could handle twins for the simple fact that i'm barely going to be able to support the one financially. im going to be a single mom and i lose the babysitting job i have now when i have the i am looking for a job where i can bring my baby boy with me when he is born. and wow Quadruples that must keep you friend busy!:)
      Amanda Hurley
      All of my friends did the same to me. Its just one of those things that I think comes along with being pregnant. My one friend wanted me to have twins so she could claim rights to one of the babies. I would not think too much on it.
        I think it is just one of those things... twins are hard glad it is just one!
          I had a couple people do that to me too. I think they about half did it to just mess with me and try to scare me. Luckily we only had one but then I gave birth to my second daughter 11 1/2 months later so they should have just been twins :) it would have been easier on me.
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