Is stranger anxiety my fault?

my daughter has had serious stranger anxiety since she was 2.5 months old. She screams like she's being tortured if anyone but me or my husband hold her when we're away from home. To be fair, she will warm up to people if they kind of ignore her for a good half hour to an hour, but she still gets pretty nervous when they hold her. She also loves her godmother and warms up to my friends quicker then my older family members.

I worry because every time she freaks out people around me say things like "oh, it's because she's a breast baby" or "her mom is home with her all day so she gets nervous around strangers". No one else in my circle of family and friend stayed home with their babys or breastfed past 6 weeks old. Are they just ignorant or are my parenting choices really the reason she gets so upset around strangers? I feel so bad for her...

    I don't think it's your fault every child is different. She's just the most comfortable with her parents and there's nothing wrong with that.
      I'm not sure if breast feeding is contributing to this, I could see where she's used to being close to you, but I've had friends with babies BF beyond six weeks who weren't like that. I stay home with my daughter and she has no anxiety toward other people at all. I was scared that her being home with me all the time would do that, but I made sure to get out of the house a lot, join moms groups and mommy and me classes so she would be able to socialize with other babies and people. We also leave her with a babysitter sometimes. Every kid is different some are just shy or need to warm up to people on their own time. Stranger anxiety is also a normal developmental stage, chances are she'll grow out of it.
        8Theresa Gould
        I don't think it is a nursing issue, as not all of my babies had stranger anxiety. I think it's natural for a baby to prefer their mama though and others just have to deal with it. :) They eventually outgrown it to a point.

        I worried about my outgoing children being too friendly with strangers. My oldest as she got older and talked would say hi to almost everyone we met, she was that friendly.
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