feeling the holiday blues ...

I have really never been a fan Of Christmas time or any holiday really ... Mainly because i don't get to see my family because they live 9hrs away ... its so hard on me because i am lucky if i get to go down there two times or less a yr .,.... I wish we lived closer because I hate the feeling of always being around my husbands family and the girls knowing them better then my family... I wish my husband would agree to move to a mid way point so it is equal traveling to either side of the family .. mostly I would like room to breath because my husband family has never liked me and seems like every-time we are there a fight breaks out between Adam and his Dad ... mainly over the fact they spoil his little brother and don't hold him responsible for anything... he can talk back to his parents and they say nothing..but when our girls get into something all we hear is why aren't you watching them ok they r 1 and 2 yrs old .... they are bond to get into things ... well not if ur watching them .. ah yes they do ....I feel stuck in the middle ... I want to move ..He doesn't I want away from the drama ... of his family always saying we aren't raising our girls right ..Idk what to do anymore

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      I hope things get better for you soon :). If they are that much of a pain and the make you feel so bad put some distance between you. Even if you cant move away, dont go to family events dont anwser phone calls until they can learn to respect you as a person and a mom. HUGS. :)
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        I kind of understand how you feel. I haven't seen my family since 2005. My mom had come a few times by herself but she's the only one we've seen beside my aunt. This year we got to see my mom twice. It's just easier and less expensive for her to come here than for us all to go there. Maybe if we get back on our feet financially we'll get to make the trip back again.
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