FAV outfit being preggo?

Okay ladies.. care to share your go-to, fav, have to put it on to go out for errands or a casual lunch outfit while preggo? My bump is GROWING.. and clothes are fitting more wonky.. actually, maybe fitting better because now I have a bump and not a lump.. ha! So far I love leggings, a tight long tank and a cardigan with a scarf.. I think Fall is going to be lovely :)

What did you love dressing in while growing?​

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        8Theresa Gould
        Yeah, I liked my stretch pants (didn't have yoga pants back when) and a loose fitting maternity shirt. I also had a pair of maternity overalls that could be dressed up or dressed down that I enjoyed. It accentuated my tummy, but for some reason I didn't care...after all I was expecting! :)
          Ever Lopez
          oh my!! LoL i have this yoga pants in every color you can imaging and this comfy sketcher and a bunch of vnecks shirt.. I look like a pic. in different positions... But i am the most comfortable prego out there!!!
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