Kick Kick

Well hello... I think I felt a flutter, kick, stretch... SOMETHING the other week.. it was bizarre, caught me off guard, made me wonder if I ate something funny.. but it keeps happening, every evening.. does this mean we have a late night party animal on our hands? ha!

Do you remember when you first felt "something"?! Was it the same time of day each day.. was it the same feeling? Did it freak you out? ​

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      8Theresa Gould
      Yeah, I think you did feel those first flutters. You probably notice it more at night because YOU aren't as busy and active. Baby is probably moving during the day you may just not notice it yet in your own busyness.

      How exciting! :) Enjoy! It won't be long before you hubby will be able to feel the kicks too and you can both enjoy it together.
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