feeling a little lost

I feel like i need to take a week or two trip ..just me to help rediscover my true self ... after the last 3 yrs with everything happening so fast I feel like i left part of me behind somewhere ... and have a empty space that needs some fixing ... idk maybe i sound crazy but i think if i could just take a trip with just me I go somewhere quiet and peaceful .. horseback riding in the mountains for a few days and stay a a cabin in the middle of no where .. I could re connect with the part of me that feels like it's been left behind ...and come back a new complete me ... one who isn't so down all the time and wanting the adventure again..... I think God and I have a appointment ...just don't know when .. and when it comes it will defiantly be a eye opener and weight lifter ...but for the better to help me reconnect with my true path in life ...and not this twisted upside down one i am in now... I love my life , My Kids and my Man ..but I don't feel 100% and would love that back again..

    I feel like I hear this a lot when sweet Mamas, like you, have kids close in age... because you have been so consumed by babies, kids, babies, kids, more babies - YOU time was put on the way back burner, which is so understandable.. but YOU time needs to happen! I like what Mandi Welbaum said about weekly appointments.. can you get out by yourself with the help of your husband? I hope so. Find a hobby you like to do once or twice a week.. take walks by yourself, schedule a massage or mani.. just make YOU time a priority.. because I hear you come back from it an even much BETTER Mom.. plus you have found some of yourself in there too!
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