Holiday's with Family! WHY do we do it again??

I love my family. I love my extended family and my sisters extended family and their friends, etc.. But I gotta tell you.. Every Christmas.. someone has a blow up.. a yelling match, a disagreement, or drinks too much and takes something wrong..
And even though we all know that it's just family and the way it all goes... I still can't wonder the next day WHY we put ourselves all through it every year??

    I hear ya. My mom said something yesterday morning before she got to my house that started a little argument between the two of us. So when she got here it was really awkward. It didn't feel like Christmas, we didn't say much of anything to each other. It just sucked cause usually we are all happy and laughs :( and its just us anyways we don't have much family and she had to blow my whole day. And then I had to pretend cause there was no way I was going to let my kids see me upset on Christmas.
      8Theresa Gould
      We avoided it all by just being together as a family of ten.
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