No one is really ready

I mean no one isnt really ready its not like theres a mom who as soon as shes pregant goes oh yeah i prepared for this. Heres this and ohthat. I am currently pregnant ith my first and i am not ready to be a mom. I have a job and am really nervous about this baby. I mean im exiceted but still. We both have jobs and i dont want my baby to go to daycare. But i will do my best. So no one is really ready for a baby. But that is from my point of veiw.

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    I was one of those moms that was like Oh I got this I love babies been around them my whole life, but when its you and its your first its different. I agree with you no one really is ready till you have no choice and the babies here but as soon as they get here its perfect and you'll learn.
      8Theresa Gould
      I think being excited and nervous are normal.
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