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how do i transition my 3 week old from co sleeping to crib?

Aw.. poor thing.. and you too! At 3 weeks, I would definitely not let her cry it out.. chances are she still needs some essentials and she isn't just crying to cry.. you know? 3 weeks old is still sooooo tiny! Is there any reason you want her in her crib asap? What about a bassinet next to your bed? Or I have heard that darn rock & play is amazing! Speaking of.. many Mamas I know use that if their little one has reflux.. which laying flat in a crib can make way worse.. does she spit up a lot?
    with a lot of patience! You can try swaddling and a baby soother which plays a variety of sounds like music or nature sounds. Ours projects pictures on the ceiling. We got it at wal-mart and it's made by V-tech. Each night, when your baby is tired but not sleeping yet, swaddle him/her and offer a pacifier. New research shows that a pacifier can actually reduce the risk of SIDS. It will take a little time, but your little one will adjust. Our 3 month old now sleeps better in her crib than with us! Sweet dreams ( :
      LOL! I am a bad one to ask this question... my children co slept until they were 2! .. even last night my daughter slept with us ... and she is 5. A few nights ago I had all 3 children in my bed and hubby slept on the floor! Good times!
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