What are the requirements for exercising?

Hi ladies!

I just found out I am pregnant. I wanted to know what the exercise requirements may be. I am naturally a runner, but I also do spin. I heard you can do spin throughout pregnancy, but need to keep your heart rate down. Is this accurate? If so, what HR should it be or intensity am I allowed to keep it to?

Any input is greatly appreciated!

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    Hi Elizabeth! At first - my Biggest Congrats to you!!
    I really like to read news like this).

    Here are a pregnant girl who also adores sport - Meg Sonnenberg, I hope you'll find each other)
      Ooo hello Elizabeth! How exciting.. congrats and so so happy to have you here! I am 8 months along now and still do what I did pre-pregnancy.. obviously with some modifications :) Like the other Mamas said.. typically, whatever you are already doing, you can continue to do.. just tell your doctor your regiment and see what they say! Your HR WILL increase by itself rather fast and easily.. after all, your blood is doubling.. I do barre classes about 4-5 times a week.. and even the small bits of cardio we do.. I have to take it easy.. not so "balls to the wall" :) But I am sure you will do great.. stay HYDRATED, at all times, that can make or break how you feel during a workout.. and chat with your doc.. you will do great!

        Thank you for all the wonderful support and information! I feel so overwhelmed with support and I love it! Ok I will be sure to check out the mayo clinic, ask my doctor and keep on the healthy track. Thank you so very much!
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