Cleaning Schedule

I have a rough idea (and it was on paper in a plastic sleeve until it got ruined and thrown away....have to print another) of what needs to be done on a daily basis:

Tidy up
Laundry done for the day, but we do get behind when it's muddy outside or some of us slack off - 3-4 loads a day is pretty normal for us
Utility room/sink where we wash eggs
Farm door entrance hallway

Make beds

Weekly or biweekly

Clean bathrooms

Weekends I like to get to the deeper cleaning:

Outside of cupboards
Clean front outside of appliances (would prefer this to be done on a daily basis)
Clean out fridge completely and thoroughly
Vacuum basement and basement stairs
Clean toy room
Kids rooms cleaned thoroughly

Laundry room straightened and cleaned up

Monthly basis:

Tidy up closets
Fans dusted off
Clean under appliances

On an as need basis:

Wash down walls
Tidy cupboards
Tidy pantry
Tidy hutches
Scrub counter tops down and remove berry stains etc.


Go through children's clothing and get rid of excess, too small, make into rags those things too worn or throw out, pack up sizes for next child

Check on winter coats, boots, snow pants, mittens etc.

Get carpets cleaned

We all do different things to get everything done and not everything gets done according to this schedule. But this is the basic list we work from. More often than not things are more spread out than I would like but that's just the way it is around here right now.

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    Ah.. a cleaning schedule! Some months I have it down.. others I don't.. so it scares me adding baby to the mix :) Although.. I will admit, when in a crunch, sometimes I get MORE done... then having all day to do it.. does that make sense? :) I used to clean a room every day.. and that REALLY works! Then I shifted to cleaning main areas and main things daily.. then I shifted to cleaning everything, the whole house, 2 days a week... I guess I am a little undecided in the best route :)

    One thing a co worker told me she did once.. and it really works.. is before you leave in the am, if you make time, tidy up straight for 30 minutes.. whatever you get done or put away, gets put away.. and whatever doesn't, doesn't. Sometimes I do this at the END of the day instead.. it works!
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