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Izabelle has been eating solids since she was just over four months by doctor recomendations. I followed the recomendations on the cereal to start it soupy and runny but she didn't want it runny. but once it was thicker she was eating it like crazy. Now we have moved on the stage one baby foods but I'm finding that she wants that thicker too. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get it to slow down a little? I don't want her eating too much food and not drinking enough milk. Also has anyone tried making their own baby food? I have been considering doing so but no one i know has done it to give me any advise or any pros/cons to it.

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    I make my own baby food and I love it! It's really easy and more affordable. Plus the food is more nutritious because its cooked fresh. Commercial baby food is cooked at extremely high temperatures so they keep on a shelf, but that destroys nutrients. has great info on nutrition, recipes, meal plans, food by age, etc.

    My daughter started with bananas and avocados at 5 months. She loves her solids and gobbles them up just like your daughter. I was worried about it effecting her milk intake too so I fully nurse her right before solids. That way I know she fills up on "the good stuff" before playing with solids. She's almost 7 months now and nurses 5 times per day with 2 solid meals of 2-3oz each.
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